Dealer Wholesale Program

We offer a wholesale program that is second to none, based on a simple theory: the more you buy, the larger the discount. To qualify for our wholesale program, you must operate an auto-related business with a current sales tax license from the state in which you do business. As you review our website and catalogs, you will see why professional restorers worldwide have been choosing Corvette Central as their supplier of Corvette parts for over 45 years.

To apply, please complete and submit:
    1. Wholesale Application
    2. A copy of your home state sales tax license
    3. Completed Tax Exemption form for your home state, if applicable. Please see below for more information.

Please email all three forms to or FAX to 269-426-4108 for your application to be considered.

On June 21, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court's "South Dakota v. Wayfair" decision upheld the right of South Dakota to require remote sellers to collect and remit state sales tax. The decision established the right for states to define economic thresholds for compliance of state collection requirements. Corvette Central meets these economic thresholds for several states that have passed laws/regulations and is now required by state law to collect and remit sales tax on purchases made by individuals in those states.

Below are all the states that CC Industries LLC DBA Corvette Central is currently required to collect and remit sales tax for. If you are registered with any of these states and want to avoid being charged sales tax on shipments to these states, you MUST complete the specific form for each state and supply us with a copy of your certificate/license for that same state.


As we hit NEXUS sales levels in other states we will require Exemption Certificates for those states also.

States Coming Soon
New Mexico
Washington DC

Note: Florida does not currently have sales tax NEXUS Rules. 

States with NO SALES TAX
New Hampshire