1978 Corvette Gallery

If you are a Corvette Central customer and would like your Corvette featured in our customer gallery, just post a high-resolution, unaltered photo to our Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus accounts, along with a few words about your car! (Photo must not include people; include year of car, engine/drivetrain details, and any other modifications).

Allen Henry
Barton Fritze
Bob Reynen
Bob Waters
Bob Zelasny
Chris DeSpain
Dave Upton
David Castillo
Donald Speirs
Gary Huth
George Miller
Greg Mears
Jack Isaacs
Jacques Lepage
Jeff Obert
Joe Trecca
Jon Ross
Karen Stewart
Keith Newlin
Malcolm Williams
Mark Larson
P Phillips
Phil Roberts
Robert & Dinah Felihkatubbe
Tom Murphy
Vince Symkowski
Wil Steacy