1972 Corvette Gallery

If you are a Corvette Central customer and would like your Corvette featured in our customer gallery, just post a high-resolution, unaltered photo to our Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus accounts, along with a few words about your car! (Photo must not include people; include year of car, engine/drivetrain details, and any other modifications).

Alex Gonzalez
Bob Petras
Brian Schele
Carl Emerson
Dale A Vickman
Danny Powell
Carlos Scheidecker
Dan Wilson
David Huebel
David Hanes
Dave Cleminson
Douglas Lange
Ed Kayler
Frank Fedele
Duane Ooms
Fran Lennert
Gene Priest
Ingvar Nyberg
Garry Littlejohns
Jim Breitbach
Joe & Kathleen Demko
John Puleo
Jim Silva
Kevin Smith
Lawrence Sciberras
Lindsey & Connie McElhaney
Lars Hellstrom
Matthew Acker
Michel Le Bras
Mike Evett
Michael Pellerin
Mike Kennedy
Randy Cross
Renato Salvi
Paul Slack
Robert Didier
Silvio DeGasperis
Steve Attinasi
Russ Van Gundy
Terry Smith
Thomas Dizon