FAQ & Tutorials

Welcome to the new CorvetteCentral.com! Below, we've assembled some frequently asked questions and put together a few short, simple tutorial videos to help you explore the different features...

How do I find the parts I need?
We have included a couple ways to help you discover products. The most basic method is to browse catalogs/categories/subcategories using the top menu. If you prefer to search, enter specific Corvette Central part numbers, GM part numbers, keywords or phrases in the search form at the top. You can even select specific catalogs to limit the results using the drop-down. Once you've either browsed or searched, use the facet filters on the left to narrow the results even further, based on attributes such as year, color, or size.

Here's an example of searching for a specific item. Using the search form at the top of the page, select "All Catalogs" from the drop-down then type 62 air cleaner. You'll see a list of the top instant search results, which you can click on directly. Or, if you prefer, either hit your ENTER key or click the magnifying glass next to the search form. This will bring you to the Search Results page showing all the products where your keywords are pertinent. The results are automatically sorted by Relevance, but you can change this by choosing the drop-down in the upper right. You can further choose specific years by clicking one or more facet filters on the left. If you don't see all the available facet filters, be sure to click "Show all..." to expand the list.

Why can't I use the guest checkout feature?
If you have placed an order with us prior to November 2017, your email address and account number have been automatically imported to our new web store. Or if you've previously registered your email address on the website, you may no longer use guest checkout with that same email address. In this case, please LOGIN to your account to complete checkout. If you've forgotten your password, you may use our FORGOT PASSWORD feature to receive an email with a reset link. Be sure to allow 15 minutes for the email to arrive and check your junk mail folder. If, for some reason, you do not receive the reset link, please contact us at 800-345-4122 for a manual reset of your account.

Where can I find my order status/tracking?
Once you are logged in, go to MY ACCOUNT. Any orders that have not yet been invoiced will appear under "Recent Orders". Click View All to access "ORDER HISTORY". From here, change the Type drop-down to "Posted invoice detail" and select a valid date range to see recently invoiced/shipped orders.

Why isn't my discount code working?
First, be sure you've either logged in or have provided a bill/shipping address. Next, make sure it's still a valid CorvetteCentral.com discount code that hasn't expired, it's valid for your location and specific items, and you're typing it correctly. Finally, be aware some items and customer types are excluded from further discounts.

Where is my dealer pricing?
Once you are logged in, special pricing will appear below items that are already in your cart.

What does (ND) mean in a product title/description?
(ND) means "No Discount" so that particular product is not eligible for further discounting off the regular price, including coupon codes, promotions or account-level discounts.

What does (SM) mean in a product title/description?
(SM) means "Swap Meet" so visit our SWAP MEET catalog for more information.