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No one knows Corvette exhaust systems like we do! Since 1984 we have been fabricating Corvette exhaust systems that are the best fit for your Corvette. We are not only the Caretakers of the Legend; we are the caretaker of your legend.

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C1 Exhaust (1953-1962)

C2 Exhaust (1963-1967)

C3 Exhaust (1968-1982)

C4 Exhaust (1984-1996)

C5 Exhaust (1997-2004)

C6 Exhaust (2005-2013)

C7 Exhaust (2014-2019)

C8 Exhaust (2020-2023)

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Manufactured in the USA by Corvette Central

• Experienced and Trusted Manufacturing
• Reverse Engineered from Original GM Exhaust Systems
• Superior Welds
• Supreme Quality Control
Using programming presets, our precision pipe bender guarantees that your exhaust will be a correct fit on your Corvette. Our fabrication process pays attention to the welds, the bends, the tolerances, and the correct angles of the pipes. We quality check our systems and components, saving you time, money, and frustration.

Aluminized Corvette Exhaust Superiority

• Precision Fit and Performance at Half the Cost
• Maintains Fit and Color
• Closest Tolerance Clearance
• Reduced Cockpit Heat

Our Corvette Central exhaust systems are manufactured using premium aluminized steel that outlast all other exhaust systems. Using aluminized steel allows less chance of pipe expansion, which can lead to rattling and premature wear.

Classic Corvette Exhaust Sound

• Closest Sound to Factory Original
• Impressive, Complex Range
• Reduced Resonance
• No Chambers, Baffles, or Louvers

The original Corvette sound is as recognizable as the car itself. We can help you achieve that sound or upgrade to a new expression regardless of the generation. We proudly offer top-of-the-line, high-quality systems, headers, and components from some of the top names in performance Corvette exhaust.

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