Shopping Cart Upload

Importing products from a single file is the fastest way to add products in bulk to the shopping cart!

To import products to a shopping cart:

  1. Download the Sample CSV template below
  2. Fill in the CSV file with ProductID and Quantity.
  3. Leave UnitOfMeasureID blank.
  4. If the product has options such as size, color, etc then fill in VariantID with the full SKU; for example, a large polo shirt might be 107430-L. You may find VariantID for SKUs listed in catalogs or by adding manually to the cart (viewable on the basket page).
  5. Upload the CSV file

If you encounter any errors, double-check your data for misplaced delimiters or SKUs that do not exist.

Once your items have uploaded successfully, visit the basket to complete your checkout.

Upload Your Modified CSV File

Drop files here or click to upload.