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Custom Corvette floor mats from Lloyd Mats

LUXE™ — The Most Luxurious Custom Fit Mats Available

LUXE custom fit mats are made from yarn so soft you'll want to drive barefoot. This unique, sophisticated and upscale automotive floor mat is sure to please even the most discriminating driver.

LUXE carpet is a 48 ounce per yard ½" inch tall construction, with eleven luxurious carpet color options and hand beveled finishing. Lloyd has created a premium, two-ply nylon yarn, by twisting and heat setting two strands of yarn in each woven tuft, for density and durability. A special urethane core and moisture barrier protects your original carpet from spills with a completely waterproof backing. LUXE carpet is Scotchgard™ treated to protect against soil and stains.

LUXE offers a wide variety of licensed General Motors trademark emblems.

LUXE front mats are equipped with factory compatible anchoring devices, or Lloyd's proprietary mat fasteners to keep them in place for safe operation of your vehicle. LUXE mats feature a lifetime warranty.


Ultimats — The Original & Still The Best

Perfect fit, outstanding quality and exceptional durability for your car, truck, SUV, or Mini Van. Lloyd's Ultimats line of custom fit carpet mats provides everything you want and need from a carpet floor mat.

Ultimats are made with two pounds of premium, two-ply nylon yarn in every square yard for soft texture and durability. Ultimats use two strands of twisted, heat set yarn in every carpet tuft, to give greater density and wear resistance.

The multi-layer backing provides stiffness, moisture barrier and strength. Plus every set of Ultimats comes with a factory compatible anchoring system, or Lloyd's mat anchors to keep your mats in place for safe operation of your vehicle.

Ultimats offer hundreds of licensed General Motors trademark emblems and the largest selection of colors in the mat industry. You'll easily find a color and design that will match and complement your vehicle interior.

Whether you want a mat for the front, trunk or everything in between Ultimats has it covered.

Ultimats come with a five year warranty.


Velourtex™ — Silky Smooth Texture & High Quality At A Value Price

Velourtex starts with a high quality nylon yarn tufted into a silky smooth texture, similar to late model original equipment floor mats, but with a heavier more dense carpet face.

The multi-layer backing is designed to maintain the mat shape and provide protection for your original carpet. This is the same backing system as Lloyd's higher priced mats and features the non-skid rubber TractionBac™.

Velourtex mats offer Lloyd's wide array of licensed General Motors trademark emblems.

Velourtex front mats include factory compatible anchoring devices, or Lloyd's proprietary fasteners, to keep the mats firmly in place for safe operation of your vehicle.

Velourtex mats are covered by a two year warranty.


Classic Loop™

Lloyd Mats created Classic Loop™ to be an economical, custom fit plain or logo mat, without sacrificing quality or durability.

The face of the Classic Loop mat is 100% polypropylene virgin yarn. The yarn color is added to the polypropylene, while it is in liquid state, before being spun into yarn. This creates a carpet that is inherently fade, stain, and soil resistant. The number of yarn tufts in this low, dense loop mat construction is near the maximum possible, which yields a face weight of 20 ounces per square yard and produces a dense, crush resistant face. The density of this construction provides a level of wear resistance that allows us to warranty Classic Loop mats for a full five years.

The final layer of the Classic Loop multi-layer backing is our trademark TractionBac, which is made from a combination of natural and synthetic rubber for slip resistance and moisture protection.

Classic Loop mats are equipped with factory compatible anchoring devices, or Lloyd's proprietary anchoring system, to keep our mats safely in place.

Classic Loop custom fit floor mats come in eight factory matched colors and can be customized with over 1000 automotive trademark, lifestyle and personalized embroidery designs.


RubberTite™ — Exceptional Attractive Custom All Weather Automotive Floor Mats

RubberTite mats are a synthetic rubber product featuring a contemporary pattern of rounded "wells" across the entire mat surface. These "wells" provide the capacity to trap water, mud snow, dirt and spills and are specially designed without hard angles for easy cleaning with the spray of a hose.

All RubberTite mats are custom cut for a perfect fit and exceptional floor protection. Many truck, van and SUV patterns are available as one-piece, for full width protection. Rubbertite is also available for most cargo and trunk areas.

The heavyweight composition rubber stays flexible even in sub-freezing temperatures, has a textured non slip surface and nibbed skid-resistant backing. Rubbertite front mats are equipped with factory compatible anchoring devices to keep them in place for safe vehicle operation.

RubberTite mats are covered by a five year warranty.

Available in Black, Grey, Tan and Crystal Clear.


Protector Mat™ — Custom Fit Clear Vinyl Automotive Floor Protection

Protector Mat clear vinyl provides exceptional protection from water, dirt and other debris, while allowing the beauty of the vehicle's carpet color to show through. Protector Mats won't wrinkle or crack and feature non-slip textured surface and aggressive nibbed backing to help keep mats in place.

Protector Mats are custom fit for all cars, trucks, vans and SUVs, including trunks and cargo areas.

All front Protector Mats are equipped with factory compatible anchoring devices for safe vehicle operation.

Protector Mats are covered by a five year warranty.