Concept 57

CC Industries has brought a timeless body style into the new millennium. The Concept 57 body is a faithful reproduction of the original 57 Corvette body with quality, accuracy and durability never before available.

If you are restoring an original '56 or '57 Corvette, you can save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars with this brand new state of the art body. The Concept 57 uses all factory or reproduction parts, enabling you to use all of your original parts or go for new and reproduction parts.

The Concept body maintains a total stock appearance from any vantage point — under hood, interior, exterior and underside and bolts directly to your original frame using stock body mounts. Concept 57 bodies come with an ivory gel-coat and are ready for preparation and finish paint. They are designed to use all original and reproduction parts. This includes engine compartment hardware, interior and exterior trim pieces, trunk and floor pan hardware.

The Details


The Concept 57 body is completely factory assembled, as follows:

Primary hardware mounting locations are factory machined or clearly marked on the body. Core support, inner fender and inner fender mounting braces on cowl are jig located, bolted and bonded in. Bonded in front fender grille mounting reinforcements. All headlight mounting flanges are bonded in.


Inner Body Structure That Meets Original Design

Original design steel cowl reinforcements and support braces are included in package (final installation to be completed with body positioned on frame.)

Stock Dash

All circular gauge openings in dash are machined to ensure proper fit. When available, original gauge mounting plate and lower reinforcement can be used. Tunnel panel is part of floor and includes U-joint shield. Tunnel will accommodate almost any GM automatic or manual transmission.

Doors All Use Factory Hardware

Jig assembly of doors ensures correct fit. Door post/hinge supports and latch plates are factory mounted. Latches and strikers not included. Major door hardware locations are pre-drilled for simplified assembly.

Original Soft Top/Tank Cover Support

Soft top mounting reinforcement is installed in gas tank bulk head panel(less seat belt mounting and soft top brackets).

Single Action, Easily Adjustable Hinges

Original hood hinges, prop and latches can be utilized. An improved hinge design which requires slight body modifications is standard. All hood hardware is available at additional cost.

Corvette Central Design

A CC Design Answer To That Squeaky Spring Trunk Lid

Standard body includes CC designed gas spring with replacement hinge arms. Bodies can also be furnished with original type hinge towers. Latches and strikers not included.

Corvette Central Design


Original Mounting Locations And Much More

Windshield/cowl reinforcement panel is bonded in to provide mounting locations for original wiper transmission, cowl, vent, radio and defroster ducts. Reinforcement shown has fiberglass defroster ducts bonded in place.

What Steering Box?

Optional CC designed inner fenders for upgraded suspension systems.

Corvette Central Design

  Description Part No. Price
57 Complete Body (ND)
56-57 One-Piece Rear Clip-Outer Shell
56-57 Custom Inner Fender - For use with updated front suspension (L or R)
C1 Custom Chassis Sources

Corvette Correction
Seguin, TX

Street Shop, Inc.
Athens, AL

SRIII Motorsports
New Lenox, IL

Newman Car Creations
Templeton, CA

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